Performance series in public space

A Project by Emily Barsi

EN PLEIN AIR is a performance series in public space that has been taking place annually in Munich, between the months of July and October, since 2018. The performances are staged in urban spaces close to nature and also in city parks.

Each year international artists are invited to realize projects as part of the series. Invitations are given to performance projects that encourage and include interaction with the audience and passers-by.  A fundamental aspect of all invited projects is the artist’s willingness to invite the audience to both intervene in what takes place and to play an active role in shaping the performance.

Additionally, all projects typically reflect current political, social, and ecological topics and address the central question: Where is the border between utopia and reality in today’s world?

Defining conjuctures

an anarchist is a naturalist that studies the vital principles of life
of nature
of cosmos
to then find ways to make them prevail on our social realm
this is a trend in the Barbizon school of painters that faced nature again
in the open again
to find answers again
to remember beyond schools
beyond controlled environments
this is a shift of creation as something far from these constraints
far from all biases
from poor frameworks
freed from power and rules
like Courbet taught us
facing the multifariousness of nature
its principles
its elixirs
its spontaneity
no text to mark its pace
to line off its domain
just all texts
all books 
not one nor two
to celebrate life
under the sky-dome that contains all lives
no syntax to organize new schools
new armies
just babbling to sound the energy all around us
no icons
no idols
just fresh air
to acknowledge the energy that pervades all
that animates all
that oxidises all
that cares for all
no monsters
all joy

juan pablo macías
livorno, italia


Anarchiste, Nitt la kuy gestu ak di saytu  thi Djeeri dji ak Djaw ji thi Garab yi, thi Rab yi ak thi Ndokh muy Gééj ak Dékh. 

Ndakh mu man ka djokh gëdd ak solo djimu yéllol thi kaw suuf.

Lolu mooy djublu waayu Daara dji nu duppé «  Ecole des peintres de Barbizon » mii di def keem kattanam thi lii meuna djëmmël ’Nature ‘ bi.

Lolu motakh ñoom ñoo ndjeuka guénné seen Art ci biti ndakh beug am kontak  directk ak ’Nature ‘ bi.

Ndakh sunu beugué  indi ay tontu thi liñu Nature bi di ladji ak lepp liñu weur .
Daño wara génn this saal de klaas yi, guénn thi environnement bii nga xamné lepp dañko kontorolé.

Ñu fékhé ba am kontak ak Aalam bi mooy:  
(gañthiakh gui, Nguéléw li, Gueedj gui ak Djeeri dji, Jant bi, Weer wi ak Suuf si) 
Su Booba dinañu dundu dundu bu guën ndakh ’Nature’ bi du luñuy djang thi ay tééré, waayé lunu wara djégué la, ndakh moñuy djokh ngelaw lii ñuy nooyi
Nature bi mooñuy djokh dundu bu séll  ndakh kémtaanam , Taaram ak yaatu waayam.

Mbindeef mënul natt dayoom ak solom thi dundu doomu adama mom rek moñu mëna dello thi dundu gu sell, dundu gu amul nguur, dundu gu amul fitna, dundu gu amul armé ak ay djéyë dundu gu amul app. Dundu googu lanu artiste bii tuddu ‘Courbet ‘ jangal.

Nanu djégué ‘Nature’ bi ndakh nu mëna magal magaayu dundu bi.

Ndakh doomu adama mëna dundu dundu gu muccu ayib ci kaw suuf.
Dundu mbékté ak baneex.


juan pablo macías
livorno, italie