Performance Series in Public Space
Curated by Emily Barsi & Alessandra Poggianti

Is it my world? is a traveling project by Kinkaleri that asks a simple question about the political and artistic possibilities of the individual. And it is a project for the personal and collective exploration of humanity in an era where things have reached their limits and everyone has the task of imagining altered possibilities for the future.
Is it my world? is a flag race that crosses the city and draws the attention of passers-by. Its relay runners carry a flag that, instead of creating an identity, asks a question—and at the same time, is also a testimony. It is an attempt to question the history of our humanity and to steer it in a different direction, rather than continuing along the one that has led us here.
Is it my world? is both a utopian challenge and a revivalist critique of the idea that there can be no world other than the current one, a world which has been presented, administered, and suffered by existing social organizations and is now witnessing its limits and unintended consequences.
Is it my world? is a touring project that will arrive in Munich after Rome. In Munich, a fixed route will be run by several performers/runners in a kind of Olympic relay race in which body and word merge into a single poetic gesture. The planned route runs through and connects places in the city that are characterized by different ways of life, by symbols of individual and collective history, and by changing landscapes and atmospheres. It is a path that raises questions, calls for an examination of contemporary complexity, and offers diverse reflections.


Is it my world? / Munich

October 23, 3.00 pm

Start: Monopteros, Englischer Garten, Munich

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