Marcos Lutyens


September 03, 7.00 pm

The Performance Synlocation, led by artist and hypnothist Marcos Lutyens, is a simultaneous event planned in different locations, Livorno, Tambacounda and Catania. The performance includes a hypnosis session which creates a simultaneous sense of unconscious connection and grounding between each place.

Each site has witnessed displacement and resettlement throughout its history and also in recent times. The project seeks to connect these sites of exile and migration  weaving a common thread between them and celebrates their commonality of intentions.

The term Synlocation originates from agriculture and describes a certain convergence behavior of plants. Marcos Lutyens applies the concept to a situation where there is an  aggregation of people who have been displaced or evicted in some way.  With Synlocation Marcos Lutyens investigates the possibilities of bridging space across time, decolonizing the mind from the sense of unitary location and sensing in multiple places at once.

“ Displacement  can include migration groups, but also the feeling of alienation within oneself in a place where you have spent your whole life,“ reflects Marcos. 

Participants will be invited to listen to Marco Lutyens meditation that enables them to enter into a trancelike state. Theirunconscious minds will be invited to dematerialize, decontextualize, dissolve into emotion, and finally develop a sense of simultaneous entanglement with the participants in the other countries.

During the hypnosis partecipante are invited to model their own small clay sculpture that will remain as a concrete memory of the experience.

The performance opens with the musical participation of in Catania-based Senegalese artist  Jali Diabate. He will be connected from Sicily via Radio Colomba.

This is followed by the participation of Senegalese artists from Tambaconda

Toungoune Mechant and One Family in connection from the Cultural Center of Tamabacounda via Iseta Tv.

The Performance ends with the participation of artists from the Senegalese community of Livorno who will conclude the evening  KABARÉ,  (la Tierra, el chebu jen), 3/10  at Carico Massimo.

Each connected site participates at the performance with its own audience on site and celebrates the event with its own musical interventions.

The locations are connected via Zoom meeting with/ tablets/ computers /smartphones/ and screening.

The event starts at 7 pm  and  will last about 1.5  hours. 

For En Plein Air 2022 the interdisciplinary artist Marcos Lutyens (London, 1964) has been invited to participate. He is based in Los Angeles and creates art projects around the world.

Marcos Lutyens‘ artistic practice aims at the psychological and emotional well-being of his audience by, for instance, performing hypnotic exercises with the participants that affect the deepest levels of their psyche. His works include installations, sculptures, drawings, short films, writings, and performances including hypnosis and meditations.

He is interested in the processes of the mind, consciousness and social dynamics. In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens has collaborated with renowned neuroscientists V. S. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic and studied with shamans from various cultures. Based on this research and investigation, he has worked with visitors in public forums, museums, galleries, and biennials worldwide.

Lutyens has exhibited internationally in numerous museums, galleries and biennials including Havana Biennial (2019) CultureSummit Abu Dhabi 2019 (as keynote artist invited by the Guggenheim) , Frye Museum, Seattle (2018), Miró Foundation, Barcelona (2018), Main Museum, Los Angeles (2018), Latvian National Museum of Art (2018), 33. Biennale São Paulo (2018), Guggenheim Museum, New York (2017), Armory Show, New York (2017); Boghossian Foundation, Brussels (2017), Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2017), La Monnaie, Paris (2017), Palazzo Grassi, Venice, (2017), 57th and 55th. Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition (2013 & 2017), Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (2016); 14th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (2015); MoMA PS1, Queens (2014); National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2014); dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel (2012); Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles (2010); Los Angeles (2010); the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2010 & 2014); the Royal Academy of Arts, London (2010); 7th Venice Biennale of Architecture (2000).

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